Pink Diamond Management
Creative Consultant
Pink Diamond Management Talent Management Firm
2014 - Present
 Calendar & project management
 Create and present talent pitches via formal letter or email
 Develop engagement, promotional materials and email marketing campaigns
 Handle all logistics in preparation for talent engagements, events guest appearances
 Acquire & hire support staff as necessary
 Seek out and engage new artists, creatives and talents
 Social media marketing & platform management for the brand
Walker Wear Logo
Assistant to April Walker, Founder of Walker Wear
September 2019 - Present
 Workspace & Brand materials organization
 Administrative support
 Brand retail engagement & pop-up shop preparation
 Email marketing campaigns for 2019 holiday events
 Events & guest appearance support
 Shipping inventory
 Wardrobe preparation
The Narativ
Business Manager, The Narativ LLC
2017 - Present
 Assisted in forming the LLC
 Advise on business matters related to potential and existing partnerships
 Assist with client pitches, negotiations and brand acquisitions/collaborations
 Broker engagements with prominent professionals within the fashion & design industries
 Created all company bi-laws, policy and procedures and operations manual
 Created hiring & employee related materials
 Create brand proposals to acquire new partnerships
Born Beautician Hair Salon
Business Manager
April 2020 - Present
 Create new brand image
 Create new branding content
 Drive educational & sales initiatives
 Facilitate brand ideas & concepts
 Organize Brand
 Manage business operations, community & client relations.
DVinity Lifestyle
Project Manager/Accessory Stylist, Virgin Wig Collection Promotional Photo Shoot
December 2019
R. Green Enterprise LLC
Business Manager
2019 - 2020
 Monthly Income/Expenses
 Monthly Vendor Invoices
 Monthly Billing
 Organizational Consultant
Eloria Michelle Beauty Concierge
Organizational Consultant
August 2019
 Clean Up/Clean Out Services
Playtime Worldwide
Creative Consultant
August 2019
 Mingly Awards Sponsorship Support
Dig Deep LLC
Est. in 2007
 Cultivating partnerships through meticulous attention & endless ambition to each client and/or project
Cultivating collaborative brand photoshoots and video projects with aspiring brands & talents
 Designing client websites that convey their Brand image with purpose and polish
 Handpicking accessory collections and crafting a compelling, consistent brand image for Dig Deep
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Women In Streetwear

April Walker, the curator of "Women in Streetwear" and founder of the brand Walker Wear, said. "This exhibit is my love note to women in streetwear and to let the world know that we are not invisible and that this is our time."



Chase and Ant meet their match in a tough but funny seller who might walk away before they can close the deal…

NY NOW Fashion Runway

Fashion Runway Presentation curated by Fashion Designer Farai Simoyi, Founder of The Narativ, hosted by NY Now at the infamous Jacob Javits Center, NYC

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